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Doctor's Appointment
Dr. Keripe

Saint John, NB

Immigration Medical Exams

Comprehensive immigration medical exams, including Junior, Adult, Senior, and CUAET options, for permanent and temporary residents, visitors, students, workers, and refugees.




Years Of Experience


Dr. Keripe has been a physician for over 29 years. He is approved by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to perform Immigration Medical Examinations.  Dr Keripe is a member of the International Panel Physician Association, and is also registered to perform Immigration Medical Examinations for the Interim Federal Health Program.


Dr. Keripe holds the following qualifications·

  • Certificant of the Canadian College of Family Physicians

  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioner, UK

  • Diplomate, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, UK

  • Member of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons, Glasgow, UK

  • Dr Keripe is a Family Physician in Saint John, New Brunswick; He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at Dalhousie University and Memorial University Newfoundland.

How It Works

Book Your Appointment Online
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Visit our booking page and select the date and time that works for you.

Enter your contact info and book! You will receive an email to confirm the appointment. Please note that payment in NON-REFUNDABLE

If you schedule your appointment with us at least 48 hours before the date, our office will assist you in booking your Blood test and X-ray appointment for you. 
You can also b
ook your X-ray appointment online here. Ensure your Xray appointment  is AFTER  your medical examination with the panel physician 

immigration medical exam toronto

IME or UCI  (if you have these).

Copy of passport for each person Requiring medical examination.

Full residential address.

Phone Number.

Email Address.

NB medicare (if available).

Submit the following information online
Desk and Stationery

A list of all current medications, Glasses or contacts (if required).

Your original travel passport and/or a Government issued identity.

Medicare card if you have one (not Required for medical exam).

Your IME number or Client ID number, Except if this is an upfront medical.

An interpreter if you require one.

Please Bring the Following to the Examination

If you are looking for a quick, reliable, and efficient service for your Immigration Medical Examination, look no further...


Dr. Keripe's office is here to help you through the process.

What is an immigrant medical exam?

An immigration medical examination required for all applicants, including permanent and Temporary residents, visitors, students, workers, and refugees.


Who Needs a Medical Exam?

People that require a medical exam:

  • Any job that brings you into close contact with people…

  • All immigrants to Canada

  • Health-care workers

  • Nursing / geriatric home attendants

  • Medical students admitted to a University in Canada

  • Short term locums as medical electives and physicians

  • Primary or secondary school workers

  • Workers who give in-home care to children, the elderly, and/or the disabled

How to Prepare for a Medical Exam:

You must bring:

  • Proper identification - 1 government issued document with  photograph
    and signature (i.e. passport)

  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them

  • Medical reports or test results that show medical history for previous or existing medical conditions

  • A list of your current medications

  • The medical report form (IMM 1017E)

  • Clients over the age of 5 years will be expected to provide a urine sample during their assessment in the office. 

Next Steps After the Medical Exam:
  • You will receive a document confirming the medical exam and the results will be delivered to the government of Canada

  • Save this document as proof of your immigration medical exam

How Long is a Medical Exam good for?

Your medical exam results will expire after 12 months (you may need to do
another exam if you do not come to Canada as a visitor, student, or
a worker within that time).

Client Testimonials

Chris Perez

"Did our immigration medical exam with Dr. Keripe and everything went really well. The staff were very helpful and efficient, we were able to book the appointment within a day after we called. We arrived in their clinic from Halifax much earlier than our appointment time but they accommodated us. The results were sent to IRCC in less than a week! Highly recommend."

photo (2).png
Ghasem Abdi

"Great support. Although I have looked for an immigration physician for a week and all the NB ones get an appointment for two month later, his office arranged everything and gets the appointment for next week. In addition, they faxed the requirements to the hospital, so I arrange other tests blood and x-ray at the same day. I cannot wait to see them and thank their valuable supports."

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